Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm back, and a little less busy

So I've realized I haven't posting in a long long while. How unfair of me! To you, possibly the one blog reader out there reading this, I have neglected you and to that I apologize. I escaped from Gustav, spent 15 hours in the car to get to Atlanta, 24 hours there and then 8 hours to get back to my lovely NOLA, helped people re-enter, was cursed at, befriended National Guardsmen, helped clean up, and now am back to the "usual" schedule. In my defense, things have been crazy, totally out of my control, and life's been a trip. I have been keeping a written journal and vow that in the next week, I will transfer these journals into my blog. Please keep in mind, some may sound bitter, some scared, some simply burnt out. I felt that it was better to simply rewrite them as I wrote them in my journal, word for word. I apologize for any bad language or irrational thoughts. I hope you "enjoy" these thoughts and my hope is to start blogging fresh on Wednesday, or more realistically friday. For now, Adios and stay tuned!


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